Barents EcoWeek
About the forum
In 2018, the Council of the Barents Euro-Arctic region (BEAC) will celebrate its 25 years; it's an international intergovernmental organization established after the signing of the relevant declaration with the participation of Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden. It's a significant event providing an opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues of nature protection, strategic objectives of environmental policy, constructive international cooperation and the projects of public diplomacy.

Barents EcoWeek will become the main expert platform bringing together the most authoritative and qualified specialists whose competence is related to the theme of ecological and sustainable socio-economic development of the Euro-Arctic territories. During the multilateral discussions, here will be developed multi-level mechanisms of joint in-depth assessment and effective use of powerful resource potential, as well as the strategy of environmental development of the Euro-Arctic region.

Historically, the interaction between countries of the Barents region is characterized by the atmosphere of trust and openness.

The creation of this environmental expert-communication platform in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Barents cooperation and informal dialogue of public organizations through the system of public diplomacy are especially important nowadays when the system of international relations is going through a difficult stage, and the conditions of the international environmental cooperation are very often subject to degradation due to the manifestation of unfair corporate interests.

Barents EcoWeek will serve not only to solve global ecological problems of the region, but also to increase the importance and effectiveness of international coordination mechanisms aimed at sustainable and conflict-free development of the region. This event will become a significant contribution to the expansion of the presence of the ecological organizations on the world stage.

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